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Eco-D is an initiative in Detroit which looks to foster neighborhood-level sustainability. By embracing three imperatives — climate protection, equity, and resilience — Eco-D is looking to implement a community-driven plan that will fuel innovative urban regeneration in EcoDistricts across Detroit, beginning with our first two EcoDistricts, West Village and HOPE Village.


Equity is a commitment to involving the input of all members of the community and acknowledging the communities most vulnerable to change.  Eco-D embraces procedural, distributional, structural, and transgenerational equity in all district activities.


Resilience is a commitment to working towards a district that is sustainable in the long-term, and is built to last. A resilient ecodistrict must be able to withstand environmental, social, and economic shocks
and stresses.

Climate Protection

Climate Protection is a commitment to strive for carbon neutrality within the district. Cities are responsible for the majority of global carbon dioxide emissions globally, which is the major contributor to climate change.


Eco-D aims to make Detroit a 21st century model for urban sustainability for cities across the United States and the world — neighborhood by neighborhood. To do this, Eco-D is committed to following the goals aligned in the EcoDistrict Protocol to help our world fight climate change, create environments that are equitable and accommodating for all, and make our cities resilient to stressors and prepared for the future ahead.

Find out more about the EcoDistricts Protocol here!



Gibran Washington
Program Director


Jeff Jones
EEA Assistant Coordinator

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