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Established in 1980, the East Detroit neighborhood of West Village is located north of Jefferson, spanning just a few blocks on either side of Van Dyke and running north to Kercheval. A designated historic district, this walkable community is the eastern gateway to the Detroit Riverwalk and Belle Isle and is located just minutes from downtown. The population of West Village is slightly over 3,000, concentrated in about 1/3 square mile, or twice the average density of Detroit. West Village represents a mixed-housing community with a growing number of local businesses and community assets such as churches, health clinics and hospitals, and community clubs. 


West Village is quickly attracting development, so it is the right time to include sustainability requirements while developers are within the planning stages of their projects. West Village strives to introduce green, environmentally- and socially-responsible plans with support of Eco-D. 


The diverse West Village community convenes through the West Village Association (WVA) and works in close collaboration with The Villages CDC. The WVA has established a Sustainability Committee with a vision for "a healthy, safe and connected community of neighbors who serve as responsible stewards of the natural environment in West Village and throughout the City of Detroit." The WVA Sustainability Committee has taken on the mission to "provide guidance and encouragement to neighbors and community stakeholders to engage in sustainable, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible activities that generate a high quality of life for all residents and community members in West Village."


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