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Bike Walk Bus Event 2019

Program increasing "bike ridership and safety,
walking as a means of transportation and exercise, and bus ridership within the Villages while focusing on the underserved members of the community."

Joel Maxwell Park

"This pocket is maintained by nearby residents and offers fun for the whole family -- including a playscape!

Four Seasons Garden

"This project was made possible with grant funding from Detroit Future City and their "Working with Lots" program. Located in the back lot at the Metro Church of Christ, the garden is cared for the community and demonstrates a variety of native plants for every season throughout the year."

Shipherd Greens Community Garden

"Shipherd Greens Community Garden & green space was established in 2006 in the heart of West Village, Detroit. Over the years, Shipherd Greens has strived to be an open, green space in the neighborhood where residents can spend time in the garden taking care of a raised garden bed, come together for community events, and most importantly a space where everyone can feel welcome in their own neighborhood. "

Fisheye Farms

"Fisheye Farms' mission is growing good food, nurturing strong community, and providing space for inspiration and celebration."

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