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Established in the 1970’s, Yorkshire Woods sits on the Northeast side of Detroit bound by Kelly, Whittier, I-94 and Morang Street. The area was originally woodlands and parks. The first residential home in the community was built in the early 1920’s and the home still stands today, occupied by the original family who built it. Yorkshire Woods is made of up both owners and renters, seniors and youth, newcomers and those who have stayed in their current homes for decades.


Led by the Yorkshire Woods Community Organization (YWCO), the community’s missions is to encourage, promote, and aid in the developing, improving, and maintaining the area of Yorkshire Woods as a proud residential community. With the guidance of Eco-D, Yorkshire Woods aims to create, develop and implement a green plan for the neighborhood.


The YWCO currently maintains the 4 Angels Community Garden, which stretches across several lots on the block of Kensington Street. This garden, created in 2015, which was born out of a large-scale neighborhood clean-up effort. The community garden offers several resources for the neighborhood and it’s residents, including a centralized meeting space for events and community gatherings, eco-friendly agricultural systems, and a storage shed for community resources such as gardening and landscaping supplies, boards for board-ups, and art supplies for beautification.


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